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What is Gyro Caddy?

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably tried to carry a coffee in one hand, hold your phone, boarding pass, magazine or sandwich in the other, all while pulling your carry-on luggage as you rush through the airport —  without dropping or spilling anything! It’s pretty much impossible.

If so, Gyro Caddy is the solution for you!

Gyro Caddy is a portable cup holder that makes it easy to tote your coffee and your carry-on luggage through the airport. Our patented design uses a gyroscope-like gimbal that attaches to your luggage and keeps your coffee level at all times to reduce spills and free up your hands.  Gyro Caddy is strong and sturdy, and can be easily stored flat in the front pocket of your luggage. It can even be clipped to your tray table when you get to your seat!

We are also developing additional design features that will let you use Gyro Caddy with other modes of transportation like bicycles, cars, wheelchairs, boats and even strollers.

We are in the process of raising funds to bring Gyro Caddy to the market.  If you would like to help contribute, please contact us and we’d be thrilled to tell you more about the production process.  Or if you’d like to find out when you can purchase a Gyro Caddy, join our mailing list here. Gyro Caddy has an active U.S. patent.

Gyro Caddy was even written about in USA Today’s travel blog, Road Warrior Voices.

Gyro Caddy was invented by Don Berg, a retired teacher, engineer, scientist, inventor, and author who has a lifetime of curiosity about the universe and a passion to share his knowledge with others.

For media inquiries, visit our Media page.


“The Gyro Caddy hooks onto your rolling luggage and then you don’t have to worry about spilling your drink or, if you are like me, setting it down some where and forgetting about it.”

– Annie F (via Facebook)


“About a month ago, I was late for a flight. That didn’t stop me, though, from making a stop at Starbucks before I reached my gate. However, as I ran to make my plane, coffee cup in hand, I ended up with said Starbucks all over my shirt. I vowed never to run with hot coffee in my hand again — then I learned about Gyro Caddy.”

– Jessica F (via USA Today’s Road Warrior Voices)

“How many times do you bring a drink on the plane and then try and shove it in the pouch in front of you because you have to leave the tray table up? All the time!”

– Jane R (via Facebook)

“My friends have a dream. It’s a dream where coffee and carry-on luggage live in spill-free harmony. You can support their dream and have safe transport for your caffeine – the most precious cargo of all. Check it out!”

– Mary K (via Facebook)